This is how our typical day at Pre-School looks. Although routine is important for our children, we appreciate that sometimes things need to be adapted so we offer a flexible routine. Changes are sometimes made, for example, if we have a special event or a visitor.


9:00 Welcome and Self-Registration
9:05 Self-Directed Learning
9:15 Guided Group Time
9:30 Rolling Snack begins
9:30 Self-Directed Learning & Guided Activities
11:50 Tidy-up Time
12:00 Home Time / Self-Registration
12:05 Lunch Time & Guided Activities
13:00 Self-Directed Learning & Guided Activities
14:00 Rolling Snack begins
14:40 Tidy-up Time
14:50 Guided Group Time
15:00 Home Time

First aid

Basic First Aid is applied in Pre-School. All staff are trained in paediatric First Aid. If an accident requires hospital attention, we will try and contact you first. It is essential that we have up to date contact numbers for you.

Pirton Pre-School, High Street, Pirton, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 3PS