Term dates 2023/24

Autumn Term 2023

Friday 1st September – Wednesday 20th December

Half term: Monday 23rd – Friday 27th October
Inset Day: Friday 1st September
Occasional Day: Friday 24th November

Spring Term 2024

Thursday 4th January – Thursday 28th March

Half term: Monday 19th – Friday 23rd February
Inset Days: Thursday 4th & Friday 5th January

Summer Term 2024

Monday 15th April – Tuesday 23rd July

Half term: Monday 27th – Friday 31st May
Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May
Inset Days: Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd July

Term dates 2024/25

Autumn Term 2024

Monday 2nd September – Friday 20th December

Half term: Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November
Inset Day: Monday 2nd September
Occasional Day: Friday 29th November

Spring Term 2025

Monday 6th January – Friday 4th April

Half term: Monday 17th – Friday 21st February
Inset Day: Monday 6th January

Summer Term 2025

Tuesday 22nd April – Wednesday 23rd July

Half term: Monday 26th – Friday 30th May
Bank Holiday: Monday 5th May
Inset Days: Tuesday 22nd April, Tuesday 22nd July & Wednesday 23rd July

Our partnership with parents

Pirton Pre-School recognises that parents are the first and most important educators of their children. All the staff see themselves as co-workers with you in providing care and education for your child. There are many ways in which parents take part in making the Pre-School a welcoming and stimulating place for children and parents such as:


Sharing their own special interests with the children


Becoming part of the management committee of the Pre-School. All parents become voting members of Pirton Pre-School and are expected to attend at least the Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Exchanging knowledge about their children’s needs, activities, interests and progress with the staff


Helping with and supporting fundraising events


Joining in community activities in which the Pre-School takes part


Building friendships with other parents in Pre-School

Communication with parents

Regular e-mails are sent to parents/carers detailing what activities we will be doing with the children, general news and useful dates for your diary. Information is also shared via our Facebook page.

Our Committee

Mel Davids


I am mum to little Floriane, now happily completing her final year at Pirton Pre-School before starting “big school” next year. We love having a village pre-school which enables us to walk/scooter in, come rain or shine! 

In my role as Co-Chair, I find myself wholly committed to continue the caring work the committee has done thus far to manage and support Pirton Pre-School as a charity. I wish to ensure the pre-school remains active on our doorstep for many future generations.

Michelle Conquest


I have three girls, Izzy, Leila and Emma. Izzy and Leila are now at school but loved their time at Pirton Pre-School. Emma will start after Easter 2023. I am looking forward to being on the committee and supporting the pre-school this year.

James Muldoon


I am Dad to a lovely little chatty boy – Finn, 3. You will likely run into him around the village where he’ll ask you your name and introduce himself! Finn is currently in his final year at the Pre-School. He is flourishing at the Pre-School and I’m really excited about being able to support the staff and families who send their children there.

My family and I moved to the village in December 2020 and, although relatively new, we’ve found people welcoming and friendly. We love village life and the many things that are organised around the village.

Sarah Dyer


Having moved to Pirton in 2021, I am delighted that we have found a village that is home to a friendly, welcoming and dedicated pre-school.

I am a mum to two children. Ernie, who is two, has recently started pre-school as did my daughter, Ivy, who has moved on to the local school.

Before becoming a mum, I worked in H&S and Crisis Management and spent many years of my adult life working in different countries overseas. This now, of course, seems a distant memory living in Pirton, where I work at home alongside being a mum to my children.

Emily Boothroyd


We moved to Pirton in 2022 with our daughter, Edie, and baby Tessa came along soon after. Edie has loved pre-school and is starting at Pirton Primary in September 2024. Tessa hopes to join the pre-school in 2025.

I love living in Pirton and wanted to contribute to the village by supporting the committee and pre-school staff who do a brilliant job.

I work in Programme Management for an international development charity.

Pirton Pre-School, High Street, Pirton, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 3PS